Monday, 7 March 2011

a Mere Human

It's a gooooooooood day everyone! I got some days off ahead before face the newest challenging thing in life. I'm enjoying life as I knew it won't be, who knows what will happen present? anyone could guarantee? Work hard as your most important friend to achieve your goals sometime not always together been lucky, one of you must be stuck on condition. Who's control it? The only Creator has the answer, but He barely show it to you in a usual way.

I've spent my previous day with watching many movies to hit the boredom instead of going outside. To me movie not always give just an entertainment, fun-laughing, or make you cry sometimes, it actually change my perspective. A huge attention for this movie, nice cinematography, great simplicity, heart-touched story, and it show you how the under-pressure works.

Looks attracting when the man with full of guts scull his bike into the canyon, jump anytime he wants, and he just bring the freedom on himself. Hiking on the rock like you were playing with the sponge, no fear, no doubt, you just laugh after jumped successfully. Describes the pleasure that most men want. a Freedom, like a mere human want to do, feel incredible to be back 'home' after wreak the disappointment.

And at one point, you just forgot something, something most important. The freedom blinding your mind, when something happens to you and you just enjoy your freedom itself without anyone involved, no one could hear your groan like no one's hearing your cries of joy. You'll remember the past day behind, you missed something beautiful. Mom who was worried about you, your lover who wait to hearing from you, till a friend you hate the most.

Aron Ralston, a real character of this movie, an American mountain climber has said
"we should always leave a note to say where we were gone"
to your beloved one. I was impressed, a small thing become more bigger when you just missed something actually really important.

A blessing.