Thursday, 9 June 2011

a-Good-Time Part 2

In the daytime of Saturday, Emilie and Nicholas were going to one of huge mall in center Jakarta with us (So sorry guys, we didn't get them to another places because we are loving the malls!). We enjoyed the ice cream until we died! Nothing that we can do unless see the ambience of the mall while enjoying our desserts and had to see a dense crowd inside the mall. Imelda and I were going to accompany Emilie to see the women clothes in several stores in there and apparently Nicholas didn't enjoy the shopping like Emilie did, so I brought him to the sport store because he loved Badminton very much! He supposed to be the Badminton player in Denmark. Well, after hunting for some clothes, Emilie found none she likes. So we decided to walk around, but suddenly I'm dying for a pee and quickly go to the rest room followed by Nicholas that felt so. The girls continued walk around while waiting for us, we finally relieved and.... "Where did they go?" I asked Nicholas which made me look so stupid. He said "I dunno, I was inside.." and he was right, hahaha! We were searching for them itself because at that time my cellphone's signal was really bad, I can't text anyone. And, we found them... the first thing that I'm saying... "Are you serious?" Guess what Nicholas and I found! The girls are doing sitting sweet in a "Frozen Yoghurt" store. "We just ate the ice and now we should eat them more??" (That's why I mentioned that we ate the ice until we died hahaha!)

No more stuff of ice, please!

What's next? going to the theatre or get our asses out here? Both Emilie and Nicholas didn't want to watch, and they also didn't know where to go. That questions arrived in me, Imelda gave the sign... "Well, how about we do the karaoke?" The only thing that I remember just about Karaoke, because it such a good thing when we can sing together. Emilie and Nicholas are seeing each other, "No..., we can't sing!"

YOU as witnesses! They enjoyed singing hahaha

We were Karaoke-ing in Imelda's house and along the tracks are playing, we seem so young because we sang all of 90's songs! 98 degrees, Michael Learns to Rock, Britney Spears (Emilie really like her!), and some of other oldies.

Night's coming, we gotta go the had a dinner outside. Imelda decided to go to Taman Menteng and serach some foods, and BOOM! infornt of us there's already a lot of foods in there. Satay with lontong, Indonesian chicken porridge, tahu gejrot (Nicholas won't stop to eat this, lol), martabak, and many more. Imelda wants to spoiled them in order to celebrate their last day in Jakarta. Emilie and Nicholas looked surprise and likes the taste of foods, and.. it's time to go home... Imelda and I were happy to see this sweet couple, we exchange the cultures, we share a lot, and obviously fun time!

This is the last photos that I'm taken with them

We hope they enjoy Indonesia so much! and until meet you both again!

Imelda took them to the airport. Next stop? "BALI!!" They said ;)