Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Customer Service Professional: The Tutorial

Good day everyone!

It is a good chance to share about "How to be a GOOD customer service" to you. This video is intended to "Customer Service Professional" subject assignment in college. We make a move, then it turned be spoof.. Enjoy! 

Directed by @AndrianAbraham
Script Writer by @Diki_Irawan


@SatriyoPmungkas - The Man
Indah Sari - Client 1
Indriani Amin - Client 2

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Student Shouts

It almost a year I didn't touch this page.. and I come back with any shouts in mind.

I bet everyone hates being 'trapped' and 'stuck'. These two words have a different meaning, but obviously one distraction. In the end of semester, it seems like you are 'trapped' on your own responsibility also 'stuck' in a moment simultaneously.

You never know what will happen next day, like you never know where place you will be in. A mere human who are tired with his works and wanna go have fun for a long time with gettin' other experiences. That phrase describes me in words.

I'm craving for silence, solitude, ...and a zen of mind.

The whisper of the sea, a greenish blue color feast the eyes, also the wind that blows so peacefully.

A dive would be nice, underwater view will spoil me.

Faraway from people, just the sea, its creatures, and I.

I wonder how it feels.

I can imagine its serenity. Where the time seems to stop and it won't rush you.

There are no ambitions. It's just a resignation as a plankton.

Your thoughts will be floating like an ice block in beverage thirst.

It's a relief.

There are no worries.

It's just an underwater zen. My problems are solved for a while.

And, I won't look back.

I just want to enjoy this moment.

The first time after a few years ago I was enjoying life.

Enjoying life like see your special ones serve a simple food for you. It called happiness.

But I don't have much time to wait. My mind blows everyday.

Like these fishes.

They are moving like crazy.


As sudden, my thoughts are going back on the sea surface. Where the sand reflects the sun's luminosity.

And I just realized.

The fuse-dry sand, will be well wetted by the seawater.

And I can't deny.

It keeps reminding. How the serenity also related to You.


It doesn't change everything.

I just did an escapade.

Not an escape.

Oh well, I'm denying again.


And again.

source pics:

Thursday, 28 July 2011

No Miss Universe appearances? That's OK

We proudly present our non-commercial "You-C1000" for our last project group in class. We have chosen this product because we really adore the taste and the benefits of it! You-C1000 is a vitamin drink which contained 500mg vitamin C that has good impact to our health. Each of us were trying to act like the talent of the real advertisement (unfortunately) without Miss Universe presences. We changed the main characters with our own idea, in order to make the same meaning but different ideas.

This video actually just for fun, no offense, and hope you'll enjoy:

Directed and Edited by: Satriyo Pamungkas
Make-up by: Okta Rusdianawanti & Vineza Ayu
Script Writer: Okta Rusdianawanti
Music by: Mychael Danna & Rob Simonsen - Arm Drawing and To The Architect


-@VinezaAyu as Small Girl
-@YogiKennedy as a-Huge-Birth Mark Boy
-@SatriyoPmungkas as geek guy
-@Okta_Rsdwnti as Unconfident woman

and for the real ones:

(Of course the real ones more even better :P)

Source: YouTube

Thursday, 9 June 2011

a-Good-Time Part 2

In the daytime of Saturday, Emilie and Nicholas were going to one of huge mall in center Jakarta with us (So sorry guys, we didn't get them to another places because we are loving the malls!). We enjoyed the ice cream until we died! Nothing that we can do unless see the ambience of the mall while enjoying our desserts and had to see a dense crowd inside the mall. Imelda and I were going to accompany Emilie to see the women clothes in several stores in there and apparently Nicholas didn't enjoy the shopping like Emilie did, so I brought him to the sport store because he loved Badminton very much! He supposed to be the Badminton player in Denmark. Well, after hunting for some clothes, Emilie found none she likes. So we decided to walk around, but suddenly I'm dying for a pee and quickly go to the rest room followed by Nicholas that felt so. The girls continued walk around while waiting for us, we finally relieved and.... "Where did they go?" I asked Nicholas which made me look so stupid. He said "I dunno, I was inside.." and he was right, hahaha! We were searching for them itself because at that time my cellphone's signal was really bad, I can't text anyone. And, we found them... the first thing that I'm saying... "Are you serious?" Guess what Nicholas and I found! The girls are doing sitting sweet in a "Frozen Yoghurt" store. "We just ate the ice and now we should eat them more??" (That's why I mentioned that we ate the ice until we died hahaha!)

No more stuff of ice, please!

What's next? going to the theatre or get our asses out here? Both Emilie and Nicholas didn't want to watch, and they also didn't know where to go. That questions arrived in me, Imelda gave the sign... "Well, how about we do the karaoke?" The only thing that I remember just about Karaoke, because it such a good thing when we can sing together. Emilie and Nicholas are seeing each other, "No..., we can't sing!"

YOU as witnesses! They enjoyed singing hahaha

We were Karaoke-ing in Imelda's house and along the tracks are playing, we seem so young because we sang all of 90's songs! 98 degrees, Michael Learns to Rock, Britney Spears (Emilie really like her!), and some of other oldies.

Night's coming, we gotta go the had a dinner outside. Imelda decided to go to Taman Menteng and serach some foods, and BOOM! infornt of us there's already a lot of foods in there. Satay with lontong, Indonesian chicken porridge, tahu gejrot (Nicholas won't stop to eat this, lol), martabak, and many more. Imelda wants to spoiled them in order to celebrate their last day in Jakarta. Emilie and Nicholas looked surprise and likes the taste of foods, and.. it's time to go home... Imelda and I were happy to see this sweet couple, we exchange the cultures, we share a lot, and obviously fun time!

This is the last photos that I'm taken with them

We hope they enjoy Indonesia so much! and until meet you both again!

Imelda took them to the airport. Next stop? "BALI!!" They said ;)

Monday, 9 May 2011

a-Good-Time Part 1

Last Thursday I was fighting with the Indonesian Economic Systems subject exam which is really hard to remember, because all of them need to be reminded, not understood. Well, I got to read the paper of IES (let's be simple to call it, Phew!) the night before the exam was held, I thought it was awkward because I don't even prepare to study after I got sick 2 days ago. But thanks God! I can handle those questions very well eventually (at least for me, sir. Pardon me if I forgot a bit :P)

And here they are.. Finally I had 4 days off before face the next exam on Tuesday. The night before IES happens, Imelda, one of my classmate called to remind me about tomorrow's plan that would be fun. We were planed to pick up the couple from Denmark (Cousin of Imelda's friend) in airport. And when the day has come, Imelda and I were searching the couple in the huge airport with no instruction from them, because at that time their phones should be turned off on the plane. Without waiting too long, suddenly one of them texted Imelda that they already arrived and also looking for us, they waited in front of Dunkin Donuts store and.... we gotta go to meet them!

Here they are, it's the picture was taken with Nicholas ( The taller ones) and Emilie.

Wow, I just impressed with their story in Weh Island when we asked them how they are thinking about Indonesia (Before they got in Jakarta, They've travelled to Vietnam, Malaysia, and half of Sumatra Islands, include Lake Toba, and Aceh) and they said that Indonesian people are really hospitable, and they loved our beach! Honestly, neither Imelda nor I never been to Weh Island, but we can feel their amazing experience in there. Well we continue our day with searching some chosen hotels to their inn, and before we drove, I always remember them to be patient about the craziest traffic jam in Jakarta (I guess Nick and Emillie had to knew it before :P) On our way, we talked about anything. From the culture in Denmark until I asked them how to speak several words in Danish :P and when we arrived at the hotel, we let Nick and Emilie put their bags into the room and we are ready to have dinner!

We serve some beers to celebrate them to Jakarta, another friends came over to join us and make some fun things in the night. Nick and Emilie looked enjoy the place with live music in that time sang Michael Buble hits, titled everything. And, the time to take a rest is coming, we gotta to back home after enjoying the music and beverage in Paulaner, Grand Indonesia.

What's happening on the next time?

Monday, 7 March 2011

a Mere Human

It's a gooooooooood day everyone! I got some days off ahead before face the newest challenging thing in life. I'm enjoying life as I knew it won't be, who knows what will happen present? anyone could guarantee? Work hard as your most important friend to achieve your goals sometime not always together been lucky, one of you must be stuck on condition. Who's control it? The only Creator has the answer, but He barely show it to you in a usual way.

I've spent my previous day with watching many movies to hit the boredom instead of going outside. To me movie not always give just an entertainment, fun-laughing, or make you cry sometimes, it actually change my perspective. A huge attention for this movie, nice cinematography, great simplicity, heart-touched story, and it show you how the under-pressure works.

Looks attracting when the man with full of guts scull his bike into the canyon, jump anytime he wants, and he just bring the freedom on himself. Hiking on the rock like you were playing with the sponge, no fear, no doubt, you just laugh after jumped successfully. Describes the pleasure that most men want. a Freedom, like a mere human want to do, feel incredible to be back 'home' after wreak the disappointment.

And at one point, you just forgot something, something most important. The freedom blinding your mind, when something happens to you and you just enjoy your freedom itself without anyone involved, no one could hear your groan like no one's hearing your cries of joy. You'll remember the past day behind, you missed something beautiful. Mom who was worried about you, your lover who wait to hearing from you, till a friend you hate the most.

Aron Ralston, a real character of this movie, an American mountain climber has said
"we should always leave a note to say where we were gone"
to your beloved one. I was impressed, a small thing become more bigger when you just missed something actually really important.

A blessing.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Namaste: When the DIFFERENCES are not so DIFFERENT

on January 11, 2011 was held a Global-Connect event between India and Indonesia at Auditorium Prof. Dr. Djayusman in the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta. That's our project class to achieve the best score for our final exam, it such a wonderful experience because we learned a lot how to make a deal with many people, arrange all the things well, and how to make the audiences proud to come. Namaste itself came from the Indian word means "Hello!" which became our respect to all guests who came. We've been worried about this event because we had a lot obstacle when handle this thing. Each of our members responsible to get to know about what should we do, and work with carefully. We can't avoid an emotional accident when some of us get miss understood, but finally we can make it well.

And.. we did it!

Welcome to namaste !

The event was started at 6:30 p.m with smooth opening number of national anthem both countries, India and Indonesia. Somebody told that they just goose-fleshed when the Performing Arts student sang "Indonesia Raya" beautifully on the stage. They wore Indian and Indonesia outfits which is Bollywood style and Balinese costume. The national anthem brought the audiences restful with the soulful nationality inside. What a serious thing!

When the national anthem rounds

After those smooth things over, the fascinate sights were starting....
Namaste greets all audiences from our MCs, Cynthia and Budi with cheerfully. The audiences made some noise when the event is about to start, seems like they can't wait what will happen next!

First up, all performers from PAC student performed the incredible Indian dances with fabulous moves on their body! Then there's a performance which mingled the dance between India and Indonesia. The swindle detailed made the stage was colorful. It was awesome, the audiences looked amazing with what happened on the stage.

After nice opening number, we provide a Documenter Film which is truly incredible!!! (unfortunately I haven't show you, but will soon!) It's story about daily of Indian people with their lives in Indonesia. I just wondering how my team can do this, unbelievable!

We also showed the feature film titled "a Wednesday", the story about Indian terrorist which really nice movie! We all from Namaste team would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who came on the night. We flattered as your ovation and appreciation.

Our V.I.P Guests who enjoyed the event

My friend with Mr. Arswendo Atmowiloto, a Senior Journalist and famous Cultural Observer.

Mr. Ravi Makhija, an Indian also dean of campus B LSPR when gave an opening speech.

a honour guest, Indian embassy representative person.

When he greets the audiences.

The girls wore "Sari" outfits.. Beautiful!

Veroline, Icha, and I had a break time to be catched on the picture, fiuh!

Miss Rossa (one of our lovely lecture) with our usher, Kenny.

and here they are.. MY GREAT TEAM!

See you on the next event! ;)

Courtesy photos taken by: Denaldy Hartanto Wibowo and Anthony Julianto