Thursday, 27 January 2011

Namaste: When the DIFFERENCES are not so DIFFERENT

on January 11, 2011 was held a Global-Connect event between India and Indonesia at Auditorium Prof. Dr. Djayusman in the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta. That's our project class to achieve the best score for our final exam, it such a wonderful experience because we learned a lot how to make a deal with many people, arrange all the things well, and how to make the audiences proud to come. Namaste itself came from the Indian word means "Hello!" which became our respect to all guests who came. We've been worried about this event because we had a lot obstacle when handle this thing. Each of our members responsible to get to know about what should we do, and work with carefully. We can't avoid an emotional accident when some of us get miss understood, but finally we can make it well.

And.. we did it!

Welcome to namaste !

The event was started at 6:30 p.m with smooth opening number of national anthem both countries, India and Indonesia. Somebody told that they just goose-fleshed when the Performing Arts student sang "Indonesia Raya" beautifully on the stage. They wore Indian and Indonesia outfits which is Bollywood style and Balinese costume. The national anthem brought the audiences restful with the soulful nationality inside. What a serious thing!

When the national anthem rounds

After those smooth things over, the fascinate sights were starting....
Namaste greets all audiences from our MCs, Cynthia and Budi with cheerfully. The audiences made some noise when the event is about to start, seems like they can't wait what will happen next!

First up, all performers from PAC student performed the incredible Indian dances with fabulous moves on their body! Then there's a performance which mingled the dance between India and Indonesia. The swindle detailed made the stage was colorful. It was awesome, the audiences looked amazing with what happened on the stage.

After nice opening number, we provide a Documenter Film which is truly incredible!!! (unfortunately I haven't show you, but will soon!) It's story about daily of Indian people with their lives in Indonesia. I just wondering how my team can do this, unbelievable!

We also showed the feature film titled "a Wednesday", the story about Indian terrorist which really nice movie! We all from Namaste team would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who came on the night. We flattered as your ovation and appreciation.

Our V.I.P Guests who enjoyed the event

My friend with Mr. Arswendo Atmowiloto, a Senior Journalist and famous Cultural Observer.

Mr. Ravi Makhija, an Indian also dean of campus B LSPR when gave an opening speech.

a honour guest, Indian embassy representative person.

When he greets the audiences.

The girls wore "Sari" outfits.. Beautiful!

Veroline, Icha, and I had a break time to be catched on the picture, fiuh!

Miss Rossa (one of our lovely lecture) with our usher, Kenny.

and here they are.. MY GREAT TEAM!

See you on the next event! ;)

Courtesy photos taken by: Denaldy Hartanto Wibowo and Anthony Julianto