Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Why you are so good to me?

again, I've influenced by Celso Fonseca's song, titled Slow Motion Bossa Nova. It make me feel so peacefully when I heard firstly. Loving someone makes inspirations, and I admit it truly. I have many inspirations that I was felt lately, you come into my life, remove all the emptiness that I feel, your smile like the sunshine which made me warm when the cold of rainy season has come in the first time I met you. Every 'Thing' that you gave to me, it have many passion for me to create many beautiful words to be written. Your lack is my power to loving you more and more. No more imperfection, in my mind it's create automatically
that you are so good to me. I saw you read something and you look so gorgeous, calm, and
make melting my sincere smile. I've learned that love is not only pay attention to people, help them when they need, but also how to make them get the deeply satisfied. You giving me more satisfaction, kindness, and feel valuable. See you behave like a child is a sincere joy for me, your body language speaks that you are loving everything, that you are caring anything, that's why I obsessed to you. I loved you, not like a kid loves their game station, not like a man loves sport, also a dog loves bone, it means I loved you as my inspiration, my passion, my spirit, and anything that affects both for me. Don't you know? I never feel the same when I falling love, every person was different, there's giving me a good smile everyday, there's giving me a spirit to do something, but you gave me everything that they wouldn't give to me. Viewing your purse placed on your table, can already make me calm as close to you. You are beyond the imagination, you were the dreams. I wish I could to give you back after you spoil me with all that you have. Each of our togetherness is something that valuable time, get conferences, sharing, have a dinner, until accidentally see you fall asleep cause of lethargy. I love to see your curved hands, your smile, how to you walking, your humble, everything about you. I felt more convenience when you around, when you look at me, when you more attractive that makes me not aware the time if I had to go. I feel the lucky one to know you more, even you don't have cleared all. I have passion to write anything as long as you 'encourage' me. Do you also know, that no one knows, no one understand, there is no one that I tell about you. It will be sweet when I keep it in my mind, until I take the time to speak directly to you. Once again, choosing you was good on me, no negative things, just good things that I got. You are my inspiration, my passion, and my loved.

I love you.. my passion.

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