Sunday, 19 April 2009

Imagine that the part of your heart in Adelaide

How can I imagine the part of my heart and the whole of my mind were in Adelaide?
while the happen wasn't happened,
but it will happen soon, when I'll be quiet in my room, looking at my window seeing night sky
remembering all things happened with you..
..a happiness

..a missing time

..and a sweet smiling
there's no pain, I might feel free and smiling when I seeing night sky in my room
and hope you'll see the same shiny from the moon and light from the stars..
if I could drawing in the night sky, I'll delineate what's on my mind, purpose to when you see the sky,
you'll know there's many sweetest things which left behind in here, my mind
this sweetest things awaits you to come in front of me and hug me tight to vanish the sorrow and my own fears about you..

a message isn't enough to assure me that you're okay, that you'll never be changed and you still the same when I last saw you..

when that time has come, only tears that I will soon be removed from my cheek and a big smile for you, to accompany your journey..

my window and the sky would be my good listener to hear my restless and all happiness..

it's just my imagination when you're totally not in here, it's the precious time to be your fidgety-mate and to be the sweetest things for me..

I'll never know, until when I can survive in a situation like this
until you actually come here, but with the another specialty who will accompany you for the next and forget all the happened that have been which always make me smile

*Thanks For Adhitia Sofyan, my Inspirator :) the great Adelaide Sky's Song!
NB: Please read this while listening to this video:)