Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Customer Service Professional: The Tutorial

Good day everyone!

It is a good chance to share about "How to be a GOOD customer service" to you. This video is intended to "Customer Service Professional" subject assignment in college. We make a move, then it turned be spoof.. Enjoy! 

Directed by @AndrianAbraham
Script Writer by @Diki_Irawan


@SatriyoPmungkas - The Man
Indah Sari - Client 1
Indriani Amin - Client 2

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Student Shouts

It almost a year I didn't touch this page.. and I come back with any shouts in mind.

I bet everyone hates being 'trapped' and 'stuck'. These two words have a different meaning, but obviously one distraction. In the end of semester, it seems like you are 'trapped' on your own responsibility also 'stuck' in a moment simultaneously.

You never know what will happen next day, like you never know where place you will be in. A mere human who are tired with his works and wanna go have fun for a long time with gettin' other experiences. That phrase describes me in words.

I'm craving for silence, solitude, ...and a zen of mind.

The whisper of the sea, a greenish blue color feast the eyes, also the wind that blows so peacefully.

A dive would be nice, underwater view will spoil me.

Faraway from people, just the sea, its creatures, and I.

I wonder how it feels.

I can imagine its serenity. Where the time seems to stop and it won't rush you.

There are no ambitions. It's just a resignation as a plankton.

Your thoughts will be floating like an ice block in beverage thirst.

It's a relief.

There are no worries.

It's just an underwater zen. My problems are solved for a while.

And, I won't look back.

I just want to enjoy this moment.

The first time after a few years ago I was enjoying life.

Enjoying life like see your special ones serve a simple food for you. It called happiness.

But I don't have much time to wait. My mind blows everyday.

Like these fishes.

They are moving like crazy.


As sudden, my thoughts are going back on the sea surface. Where the sand reflects the sun's luminosity.

And I just realized.

The fuse-dry sand, will be well wetted by the seawater.

And I can't deny.

It keeps reminding. How the serenity also related to You.


It doesn't change everything.

I just did an escapade.

Not an escape.

Oh well, I'm denying again.


And again.

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