Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Letter... From Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

"Hello kid, Satriyo.."

At least, those words just wrote in the opening. A retired teacher in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara just sent me a letter which made me floored with his letter. He sent the letter through my college's address cause he didn't know where do I live, seriously, is he be on the point of it? I wonder how far his place to my hometown, how did he know me, and how come he reached me? I'm flattered when he just read my article on a magazine and really appreciate with what I'm doing. Thought in mind, I just a boy who haven't done anything, and there's a letter who dedicated to me from a father who lived in end state.

Nita, 1st June 2010 he wrote the letter.
I received the letter on middle of August, when there's a staff of my college who gave me. Actually this is really wonderful for me, my works has been valued by people in far there. I was very impressed with him, he wrote in an ordinary paper, with original hand-writing, it's very genuine. He told about his family in Flores, he had 3 sons and 1 daughter, live in a simple life, and very passionate with juvenile. I'm very pleased, he considers me as one who can motivate others. What a compliment, whether I haven't met him yet, I just really excited to meet him, unfortunately, where we lived very far apart.

A long writing about his life and his passionate of being a good teacher, to make Indonesian children to be smart and successful in the future. Really sad, he misses his lovely student, and very longed to teach again. So, he regards me as his student, what a good appreciation ;)

His name is Mr. Marsel Werong. Thanks a bunch for a great hospitality, a beautiful story, and high-motivated you gave to me.

You are really an
unsung heroes, indeed. :)
Until meet you again, on the next letter!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Indonesian marriage

Hi everyone, it's me again.. Long time no post!
I've been busy in these several weeks, all tasks and mid-terms get to hit me very slowly! what a month. But I won't talk about those tired things, last week was good day for one of my best dude, Sogi and the whole of his family. His brother finally get married on Sunday, 31 October in Patra Jasa Building, Jakarta. The culture of special region Yogyakarta was chosen to celebrate the wedding, it such a cultural thing when the groom goes to the day he'd be married, there's many processes before the day they've married, such as the groom walks to the spot light, where there's a box of flowers and in the central of the box, there's an egg purposed to thread the egg on it. It's Javanese culture, very unique, genuine, and strong descent. I'm part of Javanese, my mom came from Semarang, central Java, and we have different way to celebrate our wedding. Otherwise, every culture in Indonesia, have their own ways to celebrate the wedding. Can you imagine, Indonesia is a biggest archipelago country in the rest of the world, which contains more that 17.000 islands and in each part of our nation, it must be a culture exists in there. So, what a wow Indonesia. I do love Javanese culture, it close to the hospitality, etiquette, and more :), ya, all of things are hospitality.

(What a beautiful reception, on that cap, the groom's walking to trod the egg)

(Another side of the reception)

(This what I wore on the reception, Yogyakarta outfits, for the girls, it named "Kebaya" traditional costume of Javanese people, the colour is gorgeous, with pattern detailed, and we used "Batik" for the complement)

(It's Gilang, Ardian a.k.a Sogi :P and I are wearing the traditional costume of Yogyakarta, such a capped suit!)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Start a New Chapter

Hallo Buddies, new April has come and I still stuck in this obstacle. Though, I'm doing progress slightly increased. I changed the movement, but not to mind and heart, sigh. I think enough to be a tough ass, become a nice people are the things I should do now, at least for myself. I had new experiences since 2 weeks ago, I met lecturer that gave me support, made a short movie for my task, until I did research about retails. ButI still feel there is something missing, I don't know what, or I just pretend myself? ha-ha-ha don't ask me.

Well, I'm starting a new chapter of my life, still with my bestfriends, my (hopefully) dreams and ideals, but without the same thoughts. Changing was not easy at all, now everytime I fall, I'll wake up again, so did so on. From now on, I will not let just anyone ruin my day. I'm picky, ya, picky for the best for my own. So sorry for the disgusting things that I did, I'm not that simple, just wanna see something REAL, not FAKED
I no longer knew what to write, so till here first.

Until meet you again!

Sunday, 21 March 2010


'Can you question life? Can life question you?'

That quotation from Travelers' Tale's book. Terribly question indeed. I've read that book, so interesting, the writers (comprises 4 authors) told you how love's starting to you in lovely place background (Mostly in Europe). I wouldn't tell you about the story goes, I just wanna share the things that this book purposed. Love, someone's made u crushed on her/him, then they give you wings to fly away through the sky even out. Their made your day brightness, though there's many ways to get you down. Really beautiful indeed. These stories Inspired me to understand that love is coming in either ways, it happens. Listen to love song feels like you get enough of get-getter day, after you met them. Oh love, you make many scientist's doing silly thing everytime they 'touch' you, you make many childern suddenly smart to create any words than their odds. LOVE. Someone says, Love isn't neither happy nor pain, but also they just needs and wants. Wow, I considered about the love, will they deal with me? Will they assure me about the happiness? Mouth will answer with uncertainty, but the time will answer with the truth. I dreamed of going overseas to find out how much things that I missed to know, also seeing the foreigner kisses freely without inhibited. Every country has their own story, sweet, amazing, also biting. Many people going overseas with unintentional meets their 'another heart', everywhere you go, everywhere you find love. But how about the complicated? Ya, they should be responsible for their risk to love. For me love is amazing, amzing for the happiness, amazing for the pain. That's the risk I got. Love seems like a coincidence, but not at all. They still have some doubt, with all fucking reason to leave. Love makes own maze to make the sweeters sometime high, but not rarely make you down. Is there any daring to confess the truth? I know it's really hard even if mouth bend to speak. Don't be lying. If you are not ready to confess, do not lie. However the eyes never be lied, dude. It isn't a coincidence like the love do. It's sign that you wouldn't lied with your behaviour.

Wherever you are, how I wonder how you are..


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Panorama en México!

Dibelahan dunia sana memang tersimpan banyak banget misteri yang selama ini menjadi incaran para ilmuan buat dikemukakan, salah satunya ada di negara Amerika Latin, México. Tepatnya di daerah Cenote Angelita terdapat sebuah 'sungai' cantik dibawah lautan. It's totally wowed me! God made many wonderful things, one of them unbelievable. Kalo para pembaca ada yang suka Diving, u must dive this area! I wonder how beautiful that place. Unfortunately, I've never been go there, if I have any chance? I will. Jadi, terdapat sebuah gua yang jika diselami sampai kedalaman 30 meter, airnya adalah air tawar, namun jika menyelam sampai pada kedalaman lebih dari 60 meter, airnya menjadi air asin. Di dasarnya terdapat sebuah “sungai” lengkap dengan pohon dan dedaunan. Namun, tentu saja itu bukanlah sungai biasa karena sungai tersebut merupakan lapisan hidrogen sulfida sehingga nampak seperti sungai.

This will make you amazed!



Friday, 5 March 2010

Aspiring a writer, why not?

beberapa hari belakangan ini saya memperhatikan banyaknya anak-anak muda yang suka meng-'gombal' di beberapa kesempatan mereka menulis. entah itu di notes Facebook, simple quotation di Twitter, ato bahkan menulis diam-diam. Saya salah satu diantaranya. "Apa sih nikmatnya nulis? mending gue langsung ngomong" itu beberapa argumen dari teman-teman saya. Saya juga berkomentar, "gue juga bingung, tapi yang gue tau, nulis itu gak kenal waktu, gak kaya ngomong, berbicara ada batasnya, masa udah tengah malem lo pada masih mau ngomong? bahkan sampe teriak-teriak, yang ada sendal pak RT bakal nimbrung di rumah lo", dalam susunan keluarga saya sih, gak ada yang bakat menulis, tapi saya suka. Why not? dimulai dari gambar-gambar komik ga jelas dari kecil sampai sekarang sedikit demi sedkit menulis dengan teratur. somehow, ketika saya membaca tulisan-tulisan entah karangan siapa, saya jadi berkeinginan keras menjadi penulis, kenapa ya? padahal kalo dipikir-pikir kerjanya hanya seharian didepan laptop, ditemani secangkir kopi, dan membosankan. "iya juga.." tapi saya melihat respon teman-teman saya setelah membaca beberapa cerita atau novel, dimana mereka benar-benar menghayati cerita yang disuguhkan. "wow, segitunya kah effect sipenulis?" How to make everyone be expressed and love to the plot. cool, right?

Ya, nambah satu lagi impian saya, next apa lagi ya? nanti ajalah saya pikirkan, so now I'm aspiring to be an author, do you? :D

Friday, 8 January 2010

All By Your Self

I returned home, right while it rained quite hard in this afternoon. Scream as loud as the people I love, everyone has fears, even more so with loneliness. I'm seeing those dramas which have to seen, abandoned and left. happy people never knew it, they just knew how to be laughing, and also loving. How about yourself? What are you part of both? loss is a painful thing, same as you leave someone. There's no hope, no love, no glory, no happy ending, as Mika's said in his song 'Happy Ending'. Actually no one wants to leave, especially left, when they leave, sometimes crying is one of apology, as well as vice versa, the left crying is the answer. who wants to blame? who's going to be responsible? The right answer is our self. That be who we are ourselves, therefore we are also undergoing. When feels left out, whether we feel have a purpose? We are crying a lot, until we didn't found anything. No trusted, no living, anything feels that will be feeling. In the end, people will live alone, no one to share, no one to laugh, there's just myself and my older age. When are obliged to leave the arms is the last word should be pronounced, how about left without a definitive solution? Messing world have been waiting to thru, like myself who slowly began to move away from the thoughts that are disrupting. I'm gonna be happy with this.

All By My Self

Thursday, 7 January 2010

2010's Tracking

Happy new year anyone! get my soul back, get my mind back! ya, itu yang saya kampanyekan dalam diri saya saat ini, tahun baru berarti adalah angka baru buat saya, as people said "You won't be happy when u won't start it" well, I'm starting my first January with many wishes. First of all, I want my braces removed! argh, sudah tidak betah dengan stuff satu ini, then get my dreams back and be happy again :D. Tahun 2010 bukanlah tahun 2012 yang dimanfaatkan banyak orang untuk hal yang komersil, melainkan 2010 ini adalah awal untuk berusaha keras lagi dalam melangkah kedepan, bukan kebelang, lebih-lebih lagi jalan ditempat! Awal tahun saya mulai tersenyum lagi, bukan pura-pura, ini senyum beneran! setelah melewati berbagai macam lika-liku kehidupan yang setiap orang pasti kena gilirannya, saya pun kembali cerah lagi (yaa walaupun bulan ini rumah saya kebanjiran terus, cerah dari Hongkong!) dan lebih mengerti kehidupan, as well.

2010, saya gak muluk-muluk.. ijinkan saya meraih mimpi saya ya, ijinkan semua orang yang bermimpi keras buat mewujudkannya soon as possible. This year's wishes will be waiting too long..

Just saying, yeah! This year will be mine! :D