Friday, 8 January 2010

All By Your Self

I returned home, right while it rained quite hard in this afternoon. Scream as loud as the people I love, everyone has fears, even more so with loneliness. I'm seeing those dramas which have to seen, abandoned and left. happy people never knew it, they just knew how to be laughing, and also loving. How about yourself? What are you part of both? loss is a painful thing, same as you leave someone. There's no hope, no love, no glory, no happy ending, as Mika's said in his song 'Happy Ending'. Actually no one wants to leave, especially left, when they leave, sometimes crying is one of apology, as well as vice versa, the left crying is the answer. who wants to blame? who's going to be responsible? The right answer is our self. That be who we are ourselves, therefore we are also undergoing. When feels left out, whether we feel have a purpose? We are crying a lot, until we didn't found anything. No trusted, no living, anything feels that will be feeling. In the end, people will live alone, no one to share, no one to laugh, there's just myself and my older age. When are obliged to leave the arms is the last word should be pronounced, how about left without a definitive solution? Messing world have been waiting to thru, like myself who slowly began to move away from the thoughts that are disrupting. I'm gonna be happy with this.

All By My Self

Thursday, 7 January 2010

2010's Tracking

Happy new year anyone! get my soul back, get my mind back! ya, itu yang saya kampanyekan dalam diri saya saat ini, tahun baru berarti adalah angka baru buat saya, as people said "You won't be happy when u won't start it" well, I'm starting my first January with many wishes. First of all, I want my braces removed! argh, sudah tidak betah dengan stuff satu ini, then get my dreams back and be happy again :D. Tahun 2010 bukanlah tahun 2012 yang dimanfaatkan banyak orang untuk hal yang komersil, melainkan 2010 ini adalah awal untuk berusaha keras lagi dalam melangkah kedepan, bukan kebelang, lebih-lebih lagi jalan ditempat! Awal tahun saya mulai tersenyum lagi, bukan pura-pura, ini senyum beneran! setelah melewati berbagai macam lika-liku kehidupan yang setiap orang pasti kena gilirannya, saya pun kembali cerah lagi (yaa walaupun bulan ini rumah saya kebanjiran terus, cerah dari Hongkong!) dan lebih mengerti kehidupan, as well.

2010, saya gak muluk-muluk.. ijinkan saya meraih mimpi saya ya, ijinkan semua orang yang bermimpi keras buat mewujudkannya soon as possible. This year's wishes will be waiting too long..

Just saying, yeah! This year will be mine! :D