Friday, 16 April 2010

Start a New Chapter

Hallo Buddies, new April has come and I still stuck in this obstacle. Though, I'm doing progress slightly increased. I changed the movement, but not to mind and heart, sigh. I think enough to be a tough ass, become a nice people are the things I should do now, at least for myself. I had new experiences since 2 weeks ago, I met lecturer that gave me support, made a short movie for my task, until I did research about retails. ButI still feel there is something missing, I don't know what, or I just pretend myself? ha-ha-ha don't ask me.

Well, I'm starting a new chapter of my life, still with my bestfriends, my (hopefully) dreams and ideals, but without the same thoughts. Changing was not easy at all, now everytime I fall, I'll wake up again, so did so on. From now on, I will not let just anyone ruin my day. I'm picky, ya, picky for the best for my own. So sorry for the disgusting things that I did, I'm not that simple, just wanna see something REAL, not FAKED
I no longer knew what to write, so till here first.

Until meet you again!