Monday, 9 May 2011

a-Good-Time Part 1

Last Thursday I was fighting with the Indonesian Economic Systems subject exam which is really hard to remember, because all of them need to be reminded, not understood. Well, I got to read the paper of IES (let's be simple to call it, Phew!) the night before the exam was held, I thought it was awkward because I don't even prepare to study after I got sick 2 days ago. But thanks God! I can handle those questions very well eventually (at least for me, sir. Pardon me if I forgot a bit :P)

And here they are.. Finally I had 4 days off before face the next exam on Tuesday. The night before IES happens, Imelda, one of my classmate called to remind me about tomorrow's plan that would be fun. We were planed to pick up the couple from Denmark (Cousin of Imelda's friend) in airport. And when the day has come, Imelda and I were searching the couple in the huge airport with no instruction from them, because at that time their phones should be turned off on the plane. Without waiting too long, suddenly one of them texted Imelda that they already arrived and also looking for us, they waited in front of Dunkin Donuts store and.... we gotta go to meet them!

Here they are, it's the picture was taken with Nicholas ( The taller ones) and Emilie.

Wow, I just impressed with their story in Weh Island when we asked them how they are thinking about Indonesia (Before they got in Jakarta, They've travelled to Vietnam, Malaysia, and half of Sumatra Islands, include Lake Toba, and Aceh) and they said that Indonesian people are really hospitable, and they loved our beach! Honestly, neither Imelda nor I never been to Weh Island, but we can feel their amazing experience in there. Well we continue our day with searching some chosen hotels to their inn, and before we drove, I always remember them to be patient about the craziest traffic jam in Jakarta (I guess Nick and Emillie had to knew it before :P) On our way, we talked about anything. From the culture in Denmark until I asked them how to speak several words in Danish :P and when we arrived at the hotel, we let Nick and Emilie put their bags into the room and we are ready to have dinner!

We serve some beers to celebrate them to Jakarta, another friends came over to join us and make some fun things in the night. Nick and Emilie looked enjoy the place with live music in that time sang Michael Buble hits, titled everything. And, the time to take a rest is coming, we gotta to back home after enjoying the music and beverage in Paulaner, Grand Indonesia.

What's happening on the next time?

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