Thursday, 28 July 2011

No Miss Universe appearances? That's OK

We proudly present our non-commercial "You-C1000" for our last project group in class. We have chosen this product because we really adore the taste and the benefits of it! You-C1000 is a vitamin drink which contained 500mg vitamin C that has good impact to our health. Each of us were trying to act like the talent of the real advertisement (unfortunately) without Miss Universe presences. We changed the main characters with our own idea, in order to make the same meaning but different ideas.

This video actually just for fun, no offense, and hope you'll enjoy:

Directed and Edited by: Satriyo Pamungkas
Make-up by: Okta Rusdianawanti & Vineza Ayu
Script Writer: Okta Rusdianawanti
Music by: Mychael Danna & Rob Simonsen - Arm Drawing and To The Architect


-@VinezaAyu as Small Girl
-@YogiKennedy as a-Huge-Birth Mark Boy
-@SatriyoPmungkas as geek guy
-@Okta_Rsdwnti as Unconfident woman

and for the real ones:

(Of course the real ones more even better :P)

Source: YouTube