Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Letter... From Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

"Hello kid, Satriyo.."

At least, those words just wrote in the opening. A retired teacher in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara just sent me a letter which made me floored with his letter. He sent the letter through my college's address cause he didn't know where do I live, seriously, is he be on the point of it? I wonder how far his place to my hometown, how did he know me, and how come he reached me? I'm flattered when he just read my article on a magazine and really appreciate with what I'm doing. Thought in mind, I just a boy who haven't done anything, and there's a letter who dedicated to me from a father who lived in end state.

Nita, 1st June 2010 he wrote the letter.
I received the letter on middle of August, when there's a staff of my college who gave me. Actually this is really wonderful for me, my works has been valued by people in far there. I was very impressed with him, he wrote in an ordinary paper, with original hand-writing, it's very genuine. He told about his family in Flores, he had 3 sons and 1 daughter, live in a simple life, and very passionate with juvenile. I'm very pleased, he considers me as one who can motivate others. What a compliment, whether I haven't met him yet, I just really excited to meet him, unfortunately, where we lived very far apart.

A long writing about his life and his passionate of being a good teacher, to make Indonesian children to be smart and successful in the future. Really sad, he misses his lovely student, and very longed to teach again. So, he regards me as his student, what a good appreciation ;)

His name is Mr. Marsel Werong. Thanks a bunch for a great hospitality, a beautiful story, and high-motivated you gave to me.

You are really an
unsung heroes, indeed. :)
Until meet you again, on the next letter!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Indonesian marriage

Hi everyone, it's me again.. Long time no post!
I've been busy in these several weeks, all tasks and mid-terms get to hit me very slowly! what a month. But I won't talk about those tired things, last week was good day for one of my best dude, Sogi and the whole of his family. His brother finally get married on Sunday, 31 October in Patra Jasa Building, Jakarta. The culture of special region Yogyakarta was chosen to celebrate the wedding, it such a cultural thing when the groom goes to the day he'd be married, there's many processes before the day they've married, such as the groom walks to the spot light, where there's a box of flowers and in the central of the box, there's an egg purposed to thread the egg on it. It's Javanese culture, very unique, genuine, and strong descent. I'm part of Javanese, my mom came from Semarang, central Java, and we have different way to celebrate our wedding. Otherwise, every culture in Indonesia, have their own ways to celebrate the wedding. Can you imagine, Indonesia is a biggest archipelago country in the rest of the world, which contains more that 17.000 islands and in each part of our nation, it must be a culture exists in there. So, what a wow Indonesia. I do love Javanese culture, it close to the hospitality, etiquette, and more :), ya, all of things are hospitality.

(What a beautiful reception, on that cap, the groom's walking to trod the egg)

(Another side of the reception)

(This what I wore on the reception, Yogyakarta outfits, for the girls, it named "Kebaya" traditional costume of Javanese people, the colour is gorgeous, with pattern detailed, and we used "Batik" for the complement)

(It's Gilang, Ardian a.k.a Sogi :P and I are wearing the traditional costume of Yogyakarta, such a capped suit!)